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Thread: Feedback on the Forums

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    Feedback on the Forums

    Thank you to the folks at Lutron for creating these forums, I am very excited to see them go up! I hope you don't mind some feedback :):

    • I see that the forums are open to the public. Please consider dividing them into a dealer area and a public area. Dealers are going to frequently want to ask questions that belong in a private area. Absent such an area, we just won't post. This is as much for Lutron's good as anyone elses. You need to be able to have forum conversations with your dealers on certain subjects without every person on the planet including your competitors reading them.
    • Please take this feedback in the spirit its intended :) - keep it simple - you don't need 100 sub-forums and no one wants to navigate through all that. One QS forum is more than enough, there is no need for subforums in any of these forums, and the easier you make them to browse the more people will use them.

    Sure, I know that advanced users will just click on the "today's posts" thread, but you really want to make the forums easy to browse through.

    Again, thanks so much for the forums and I hope you don't mind the feedback.

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    I absolutely agree, that Dealers should be in a completely separate area from the Public. I have had clients call Tech Support and get answers that conflict with my approach to a problem, and this forum my result in similar issues. For example I programmed a system with a Keypad Disable variable on every button to simulate the Illumination Security feature (disable all keypads when alarm is triggered), and the client assumed (incorrectly) that I had installed a 'Poison Pill' into his system (he downloaded the XML file and saw the variable).

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    100% agreed.

    Let's keep it simple and set the stage for productive discussion. Otherwise this will become either a ghost town or remote central. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GMHunt View Post
    ...or remote central.
    Is there a smiley for a 'spit take' or does an LOL cover it?

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    +1 There absolutely should be a separate dealer forum

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