In working through an unrelated issue earlier I needed to check the logs for my DHCP server and found that it was very difficult to see anything due to repeated Information-Request messages from the RA2 Select main repeater. They're happening every 1 second and getting answered correctly, but then the request is just sent again. I've even tried manually setting the information-request-time to 172800 (2 days) but despite it being sent back to the repeater, it ignores it. (it's also violating the hard-coded IRT_MINIMUM provided in the DHCPv6 spec of 600 seconds).

I assume this is a bug in the code for the repeater so I've reported it via support, but even if they do decide to fix it, I assume it'll be months before a firmware update could possibly address it.

So has anyone else run into this before, and do you have any suggestions for how to address it in the meantime?