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Thread: Side channel compatibility

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    Side channel compatibility


    I am looking to go with the triathlon battery powered roller shades, and I definitely want to install side channels. I asked chat GPT what shades the side channels are compatible with and it said both the sivoia QS wireless and the triathlon battery powered, but i could not find anything from lutron indicating specifically which lines of shades the side channels can be used with. I did see in a forum post from like 2015 that side channels were NOT recommended with Triathlon but others indicated they could technically be used. Are side channels not recommended with Triathlon or have things changed since 2015? If they are not recommended, do we know why and if they can still technically work. I definitely cannot pay for the higher end shades but I really need the full light block.

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    Good afternoon. Triathlon shades were not designed to work with side channels. These 12Vdc shades don't have the power to pull the hembar through the side channels without getting caught up. The only shades that we make to work with side channels are the 35Vdc Sivoia QS shades.

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