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Thread: How to Remove a Palladiom Thermostat

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    How to Remove a Palladiom Thermostat

    This may seem to simple and a silly question....but does anyone know how to remove a Palladiom Thermostat from it's trim ring or back box?

    If you snap the thermostat into either the supplied trim ring or optional cut-in back-box its almost impossible to remove it again. I'm doing this on a bench-top before installation in the wall and the retaining tabs are visible so you can press them and juggle the (4) locking tabs in enough to release and slowly pry the thermostat off. The issue however, is if you mount the box/trim ring in the wall the retaining tabs are no longer accessible and I see no way to get the thermostat back out without destroying it!

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    And the answer is!!

    Well it appears no one else has an answer to this either. I finally got through to a Lutron tech support, who then got through to a Lutron engineer who had some knowledge of Palladiom Thermostats. In his desktop configuration rig the engineer had a Palladiom stat installed. The engineer sent us a quick video demonstrating the technique. And just like removing a screw-less face-plate, you pull from the top or bottom to the point it feels like your sure to break the face-plate in half, the stat releases and pulls out and you're good to go. The tech support emphasized that if the stat was damaged in trying to remove it Lutron would replace the damaged unit.
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    Wow thats crazy. Shouldnt have to pull that hard that thing looks like it wont handle many of those removals.

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