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Thread: Insufficient Dimming

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    Insufficient Dimming


    Unable to set desired low level dim. Used blue side control potentiometer lever and moved fully minus. Unit has a mechanical stop on both the plus and minus settings that appeared to limit full rotary travel of the pot wiper.

    Cut drive stub from side lever to pot and removed actuator shaft. Turning pot manually indicated that full travel was not mechanically restricted.

    Want to set dimmer at lowest possible setting where flicker occurs, and then raise just above this level (as instructions say).

    Need circuit diagram -- or how to modify unit to accomplish this.

    electrical engineer.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Mar 2022
    Hello Himmel. Welcome to the forums. The lowest position that the trim pot can be set to from the factory is the lowest that the control is able to go. We cannot advise modifying the control to attempt to achieve a lower setting than what it is engineered to do.

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