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Thread: Can you link homelink on a car directly to a Car Visor without the remote?

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    Can you link homelink on a car directly to a Car Visor without the remote?

    I got a notice that the remotes were being discontinued and to use Picos for them. The issue I have on an upcoming job is they have their car's homelink linked to the visor control on an old system that I want to migrate and they don't have the original remotes (which I guess are still compatible)...Anybody tried just pushing the pair button on the visor control and going to the car and pressing the homelink learn button on there?

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    I haven't tried this feature yet, but thank you for sharing. I love it too. Also, if you are looking for an entertaining game, I would like to introduce you to that's not my neighbor This is a good and interesting game loved by many people.

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