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Thread: Newbie question re wifi networks

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    Newbie question re wifi networks

    I would like to purchase a Lutron Caseta system, but would like to check one last thing before taking the plunge,

    On my home wifi router, I have set up two wifi networks which I will call Main and Guest. My iPhone and Mac are connected to the Main network.

    If I purchase a Caseta system, I will want to connect it to my Guest network. I then will want to control it from my iPhone connected the Main network.

    Can I set up and use the Caseta system in this manner?

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    Hello year1543 and welcome to the forums!

    Yes, this network configuration will work for Caseta. However, please ensure your iPhone is connected to the Guest network during the initial setup of your Caseta system (both the iPhone and Caseta Hub must be on the same network for discovery). Once everything is configured, your Caseta system can be accessed outside of the Guest network and you can return iPhone to the Main connection.

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