I might be converting an illuminations system to QSX and want to reuse the old panel. It looks like they just used an empty HWI-PNL-8 and mounted the processor to the top, did the low voltage wiring in the middle, and mounted metal electrical boxes in the bottom for Vario dimmers. It's kind of a **** show but I will be reusing the keypad and Grafik Eye wires (there are no RPMs) so I was also going to remove all the old components and mount din-rails for the power supply and QSX processor and just direct wire the power to the power supply. I didn't see a part number for the little breaker that comes with the correct panel and of course the whole thing is on a breaker anyway. Can this be done better? I have to leave that big panel in place because they have run a lot of lines there. I could just get a small QSX panel and put it next to it, but there are breaker boxes in that room so the walls could be full of wires.