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Thread: dimmer alternatively used with incandescent or LED lighting

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    dimmer alternatively used with incandescent or LED lighting

    I have a circuit using incandescent (halogen) lights (190W total) during cool months, and LEDs in the summer, but not both types simultaneously. I am currently using the incandescent version of Atenuador Ariadni/Toggler, which seems to generate some flicker when using the LEDs. Is there a dimmer switch selection that is suitable for both (but not at the same time).

    Is there a dimmer that is well-suited for both incandescents and LEDs (in an either/or situation)?

    These are for a bathroom, where I prefer the halogens, but I change over to LEDs in the summer, because that 190w plus the additional A/C load is about a 600W power draw.

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    Hello unitacx. We would recommend the AYCL-153P as this is rated for both LEDs and/or incandescent lamps. This is an Ariadni style dimmer.

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