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Thread: Reset Ketra

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    Question Reset Ketra

    I have a Ketra lamp that was activated on a different system than mine. So its last state is off, do you know how to factory reset the lamp

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    Hello Yisux. Please follow the steps below to reset your Ketra lamp.

    1. On the Lutron App, select Professional Mode and select Sign In or Create Account
    2. Sign in with your myLutron credentials
    3. At the bottom of the Places list, select More Options
    4. Select Reset Device
    5. Select Continue Using App
    6. Place your device near the Ketra device you want to deactivate and click next
    7. Power cycle the circuit/device for 5 seconds, the lamp should turn on purple
    8. The app will then begin to identify lamps by flashing dark blue in the area. Use the right/left arrows to identify the correct lamp.
    9. Once you have identified the lamp, select Deactivate Device.​
    10. Confirm you want to deactivate the lamp
    11. When you are done, click the back arrow.

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