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Thread: Replacing bdg-1

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    Replacing bdg-1

    I can’t get home kit to work and I really want to start over.

    If I buy a new bridge and come up with a new email address.

    How can I unassociate my exiting units from my account? Will Lutron delete my account on their end if I ask them?

    Or if I get a new bride and email can I go add all my stuff to the new account?


    Ps. I’ve tried to reset existing ridge no luck.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    May 2023
    Hello Sfrazier9999 and welcome to the forums!

    We are sorry to hear that HomeKit is not working with your Caseta system. Before buying a new Caseta Hub we recommend reaching out to our support at 1(888)588-7661 or email us at We would like to troubleshoot your system before moving forward.

    To answer your other questions, you can remove the old system from your Lutron account by opening the Lutron app and navigating to Settings > Edit Home > Remove System from Account.

    In order to add your existing Caseta dimmers and switches to the new Caseta Hub they will need to be factory reset as well. This will involve rapidly tapping the ON button three times, holding on the fourth press until the indicator lights begin to flash, and then rapidly tapping three more times. A video on this procedure can be found here: Restoring a Caseta Wireless Dimmer to Factory Default (

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