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Thread: Time Clocks not triggering

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    Time Clocks not triggering

    the Time Clock events are not triggering.
    Created 'test" timed events today on site and they worked fine.
    Check clients app tonight and the normal events didn't trigger??
    Called Lutron, checked that processors were communicating and everything checked out fine.

    Anyone have a solution, suggestions??

    My client is being very gracious about it, but it's getting a bit ridiculous.

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    Given the test event worked fine, the first immediate solution would be delete and rebuild the timeclocks and then push a transfer. Additionally, double check in the programming for light levels set properly and not set Vacation mode.

    Secondary to that if the timeclocks were made from the homeowners app make sure that 1, they are synched to the designer software and 2, when they selected the device for the schedule that it also had the level of the light it was supposed to come on to at that time selected. By default that option is set to "Off". Sometimes that step gets skipped over.

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