Dear All, I have two questions. Previously I owned a series 4 processor which sadly died a year ago. It controlled lights and one set of blinds in my living room. I know that some antique table lamps caused fuses to trip when their light bulbs failed, and I suspect that these may have contributed to the eventual failure of my Series 4 processor. I have confirmed for example, that the corresponding circuit for these lamps on the dimmer has failed, and I've had to move them onto a spare circuit. I'm based in the UK.

so my questions are:

1) What would be a recommendation to add to my system to protect against similar surges in the future? I have a fifteen year old consumer unit with MCBs. I've been told to add SPDs but I thought these really only protect against external surges like lightning strikes, and have been told about RCDs, but dont know much about them for this application.

2) Since I shifted to QS, I didnt think it was worth buying a second processor and license just to operate the shades in one room, which would only ever be activated when someone was in the room. Is there a way I can operate them manually, or with a remote control in the room not connected to QS?

Many thanks in advance.