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Thread: One fan, out of 24 devices, turns on after power outage

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    One fan, out of 24 devices, turns on after power outage

    Preface here, I have used Caseta for many years. Had it in my previous house, my current house, and set it up in my step-daughter’s house. My issue is at my house. I have 24 Caseta switches, lights, dimmers, fans, etc. When I have a power outage, I have 1 fan that turns itself on. Any ideas how to stop this? The other 23 switches remember previous state.

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    Hello Troybarwick and welcome to the forums!

    Is the model number on the control PD-FSQN? Do you have other fans in your home that restore to their last level once power is restored? If possible, could you please provide the model number on the ceiling fan?

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