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Thread: I need remote support to change an existing programming.

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    Post I need remote support to change an existing programming.

    Hi my name is Josue, recently one of my client bought a house and this house came with HWQS installed. We try to call the company who installed it, but they are out of business. We try to get another company through Lutron website and found 1 company near to Orlando, FL. They came like 2 months ago, and I'm still waiting for them. All they said is that this hardware is old, and they don't work it anymore. That we need to upgrade it. We ask for a quote, and still waiting. So here is the deal, I do IT Integrations for a leaving, so I can be your eyes and hands remotely. I need someone that has access to the software and tell me what cable or hardware I need to plug to the laptop so you can change the programming to my client's needs. And I know is very simple, is a zone that has a timer. We just need to change the power off time.

    Please, I need help with this. You can contact me to my email

    Thank you in advance!

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