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Thread: PD-10NXD on/off question

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    PD-10NXD on/off question

    I recently purchased some PD-10NXD dimmers and I am wondering if there is a way to turn off the dimmer function when switching the light off. The App seems to work that way when controlling the switch except when you use the program function, then it follows the same procedure as manually turning the switch off.

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    Hello bkctbyork and welcome to the forums!

    The PD-10NXD has a fixed fade-rate that cannot be adjusted. The fade-rate is faster when responding to commands sent from the Lutron app as opposed to physical button presses. Unfortunately, there is not a way to convert this dimmer into a switch. We recommend swapping out this control for the Original Smart Switch model PD-6ANS for instant ON/OFF.

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