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Thread: Hunter Malden Caseta Fan Control

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    Question Hunter Malden Caseta Fan Control

    Hello -

    Goal: To get my Hunter Malden fan controlled by PD-FSQN Fan Control switch (and a pico remote)

    Current Set Up:

    I have a Hunter Malden 52" fan installed. It does not have a light. It currently is wired to a PD-6ANS that successfully turns the fan off and on. It use the supplied Hunter RF remote to change fan speeds. Ideally I'd like to swap out the PD-6ANS for the PD-FSQN and have it power the fan as well as control speeds.

    Is this just a simple swap of switches? I've read of needing to install relays or removing remote modules to make this work. The latter sounds easier than the former.

    Any assistance and guidance is appreciated!

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    Hello AdmAction, welcome to the Forums. Typically, a remote control module/receiver will interfere with the signal coming from our fan speed controls such as the PD-FSQN. Our fan controls prefer to have a direct-wire connection to the fan motor for optimal performance, so the lack of a remote control may be necessary for proper functionality with this application. See the below spec sheet for more information:

    We also always recommend reaching out to the fan manufacturer to confirm whether this fan is designed to work with 3rd-party controls such as ours.

    We hope this helps!

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