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Thread: MS-OPS2 motion sensor switch lights won't turn off

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    MS-OPS2 motion sensor switch lights won't turn off


    I recently connected this switch to control my new LED lights in a mudroom. I have everything connected according to the directions but the lights won't turn off. There is power but I cant turn it off. The motion sensor and automatic shut off don't seem to be working. The blacks are connect to the load and hot wires in the box, I removed the green sleeve and connected to the neutral and the bare wire is connected to the ground. Other than switching the connections to the load and hot wires I am at a loss. Please help!

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    Hello Beth, welcome to the Forums. We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you've encountered with your motion sensor install. To confirm, can you control the sensor manually on and off from the manual switch on the sensor? If not, we may recommend connecting the green/white-sleeved wire on the sensor to ground instead of neutral to see if that gets on/off control from the physical switch on the sensor.

    If you can control the sensor manually but it just won't auto-off time out, we would recommend a factory reset on the device. See page 5 of the below programming guide for instructions on this programming procedure:

    We hope this helps!

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