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Thread: Sunnata PRO problems, HELP!

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    Angry Sunnata PRO problems, HELP!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    I installed a Sunnata PRO LED+ and two Companion ST-RD for a 4-way controlling ceiling can lights in the kitchen. Great setup at first but every afternoon the lights won't stay shut OFF or dimmed, returning to full brightness within a few seconds. Pulling FASS is the only way to shut them off. By 7pm the switches work normally. This happened last summer/fall and then stopped for the winter/spring. I have tried changing the phase, changed breakers, confirmed the wiring, swapped out the PRO switch with a new one, worked with Lutron Customer service, checked connections, confirmed first ST-RD has the 15 amp line and the PRO has the load to the lights. It is like I have gremlins and about to go back to a simple 4-way switch.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello, thank you for reaching out. That sure is strange behavior from an ST-PRO-N and companions, especially since there's no system programming or anything that could be overriding command inputs. Are there any high-amperage devices on the same circuit as this dimmer such as a dishwasher, laundry machine, air conditioner, etc.? Do the lights in the afternoon turn on at random times, at the same time every day, or at the same time as something else turning on/off? It is possible to test out the ST-PRO-N as a single-pole (bypassing the wiring of the two companion locations) to try and eliminate any variables?

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    Thanks for the reply. There is only LED lights on the circuit and nothing high voltage runs during the afternoon. I reconnected all the switch connections and reset the low trim. It seems to have stopped for now but now a single pole 153M on another circuit is turning LEDs on low. It always happens, a switch either won't turn off or turns on about the same time from 2 pm to and returns to normal function around 6 pm. I have not been able to identify anything that turns on/off around then. I did try PRO as single pole previously and it worked fine.

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