Hi - need some help with a bizarre issue.

First, my setup. I purchased a home with an existing Homework system with 79 devices (lights and shades).

I integrated Lutron into Google Home by giving them friendly names in the integration section of the Lutron app and then adding Lutron in the Google Home app. I was then able to assign all of the devices to different rooms - no problems.

But three times now I’ve experience brief power outages (1-2 seconds) at my house, and when they happen, the Lutron devices all get removed from Google Home - both the groups and any automations.

When I check the Lutron app, all the devices are there and I’m able to manage them.

This forces me to go back to Google Home to re-add Homework’s, manually re-sort all 79 devices to rooms again, and recreate all lost automations.

Any idea why this is happening? I have 150 other IoT devices in Google Home and only Lutron Homework’s is affected. Does it need to be on a UPS? Or have a static IP? Need some direction to prevent this from happening again. Thank you in advance.