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Thread: MS-VPS5M - mystery wire ?

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    Question MS-VPS5M - mystery wire ?

    On this control there is a tinned bare 18 ga. wire exiting the top of the control housing. It appears to have no galvanic connection to the unit.

    This conductor is not mentioned anywhere in the install pamphlet. Which begs the question:
    1. How is it to be treated in the install, routing, placement, etc.?
    2. What is its purpose? Is it a capacitive probe?

    Many thanks!


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    Hello, thank you for reaching out. That wire is mentioned in the install guide as the bare grounding wire. During installation this wire is to tie in to the ground wire in the wall-box. It is not connected to any terminals and its purpose is to ground the mounting screws for the control (since the mounting yoke for this device is plastic).

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