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Thread: Can PD-6WCL be used with mechanical rocker in 3-way application?

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    Can PD-6WCL be used with mechanical rocker in 3-way application?

    I have a new house with neutral wiring. I am looking to replace some of my contractor 3-way mechanical rocker switches with Caseta dimmers. For a couple of fixtures, I would like to simply replace one of the mechanical rockers with a Caseta dimmer and leave the other location with the existing mechanical rocker. I've read some conflicting information about which models would work with a mechanical rocker. I understand that some re-wiring will need to be done with the mechanical switch that stays. But will a PD-6WCL work in this configuration?

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    According to Lutron, the only dimmers that will work with a mechanical toggle are the Diva Smart Dimmer and the Caseta PRO Dimmer (PD-10NXD).

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    Hello DavidC, welcome to the Forums. JaxFLBear is correct; we have two Caseta dimmer model numbers that would work in tandem with mechanical 3-way switches, Caseta Diva model DVRF-6L and the Original-style Smart Dimmer model PD-10NXD. See the below spec sheet for illustrations of all possible multi-location installations: https://webapiaw1proddat01st01.blob....369987_ENG.pdf
    We hope this helps!

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