Hi Everyone,

First time posting

I am trying to set up the following in my house, since light at night seems to really impact my sleep.

1) ALL lights in the house (or atleast whichever ones i select) that are in the "on state", should auto dim at night down to 50% very gradually over a 4 hours period.

2) if at any point during these 4 hours, i turn on a light that was not already on, it should turn on to the exact dimmed amount that it would be if it had been on and was slowly dimming from item 1.

3) If after the 4 hours i turn on any of these lights, it should automatically go to the 50% setting

for extra credit, If i double tab any of these light buttons then it would go to full power

Does anyone have any ideas on the best and least messy way to set this up?
I am trying to do this in some global sort of way, instead of trying to setup complicated conditionals for every item.

I am sure that ketra would make this much easier to do, but I dont have ketra lighting currently.

Thank you so much!