I would appreciate suggestions for controlling the LED Logic for a keypad button.

The keypad button is a Single Action with Press On set to turn off lights in an area (e.g. the common area). The Hold for the same button is programmed to turn off lights in a wider area (e.g. the common area and private spaces). The LED Logic is set to Room. This is a QS system.

The current LED Logic uses the areas associated with Press On for determining whether to turn on the button LED. This particular application, however, needs the button light to be illuminated if any of the Hold areas are turned on (e.g. the LED takes more areas into account; the intent is to provide visibility on the keypad as to whether any lights in the common or private spaces are illuminated).

Any clever suggestions for how best to do this without creating a bunch of complexity? I tried the obvious approach of adding the zones to the Press On as "unaffected" but they were just disregarded.