I figured I would jump to the forums, to see if anyone else has run into an issue like this. Very weird setup. I've wired a 3 way switch setup. Location 1 is a Claro Smart Switch with 2x 14/2s and a 14/3. The 14/3 is going out to the location 2, which location 2 is a 2 gang box that it shares with another switch on a different circuit. Location one, has the line coming in from the breaker, and the other 14/2 goes out to a wall outlet, lower on the wall. In location 2, I have a Claro Smart Accessory switch installed.

The issue: I spent about an hour on the phone with level one tech support, which is just someone in an offshore call center, who admitted they know nothing about wiring. After them trying every solution they had in their arsenal, and video chatting in to see my wiring in real time, they made some changes, but, just to try to get the issue resolved. Issue is, The smart switch in location one, works as advertised. When I turn the lights on from switch one, they come on normal, and turn off normally, using the smart switch. Location 2, does turn the light off, but, when I attempt to turn the light on, again, I get a dim flicker, lasting as long as I hold the switch depressed. If I hold the switch on, or off, the light comes on, in a dim state, and when I release the paddle, in either direction, the light turns off. This only happens when I use up or down on the accessory switch.

The load is 3x Seagull Traverse LEDs PN: 14701S-15. 3000k 90cri 14W. Lutron doesn't list this particular part number as being compatible, but, it does list a similar light with all of the same specs, in the same line. After not being able to get anything resolved with level one support, level 2 actually contacted me, the next day, in which, level 2 was actually an electrician out of Las Vegas, so, kudos to Lutron for having that kind of support available. He remote connected into the camera on my phone, just like level one did and we did the swap the traveler, red and blacks, back and forth, and after an hour and a half of back and forth to the breaker, to attempt every solution they offered, we were defeated. Level 2 said he's been an electrician for a long time, and had never seen this issue. I had also ordered a clark pico paddle, and ended up removing the accessory switch and just wiring location one into a single pole, and installing the pico remote in a wall plate adapter in location 2.

The next day, I ended up wiring 2 other 3 way locations with smart switches and pico remotes, which all work as advertised. Has anyone ever run into anything like this?