Got a customer with Caseta in California, just did a small RA3 for his CT home but if I try to share the RA3 system using the email he used for his Caseta system I get the email isn't registered with He logged out and back into his Caseta account to verify email so is it possible to have a Caseta system with email access that isn't tied to a myLutron account? I never touch Caseta so no clue about it but I would assume that to have remote access a myLutron account is mandatory. This system is probably 5 years old so maybe back then it didn't require it, don't know.

If I handover the RA3 system to the client would that work differently and if I do is there any benefit to handing over than just sharing the system?

Ideally we'd like the 2 homes on a single app and not setting up two different myLutron accounts so the customer would have to fully log out and back in each time he/she wants to control a different home.