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Thread: DVCL-153P Dimmer Switches with Halo recessed can lights problem

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    DVCL-153P Dimmer Switches with Halo recessed can lights problem

    My home was remodeled and converted to HALO recessed LEDs and Lutron DVCL-153P dimmer switches. Initially, when fully dimming a circuit, the lights on the string would not light at the same brightness. I adjusted the lever to achieve a consistent max dim, a level brighter at max dim than before. This solved the difference in brightness. Hooray! Then, when I would tun the switch off, while still selected to max dim on the switch, then turn the switch back on, only one of the lights would come on, the others stay off. Then, if I move the dimmer up, all the lights come on, then when I move the dimmer back to max dim the lights are on and consistent in brightness. I would like to avoid moving the adjustment lever to a brighter max dim setting if possible. Insights?

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    Hello Calspikey. What is the exact model of the Halo lights you are using? I would like to see if we have tested these lights with our dimmers.

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