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Thread: Lutron Caseta Incompatible with LED Pool Lights?

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    Lightbulb Lutron Caseta Incompatible with LED Pool Lights?

    Anyone tried to install a Lutron Caseta smart dimmer or smart on/off switch to control a pool light? The Incandescent bulbs work fine, but when I tested two LED Pool light bulbs, one just flickered, the other doesn't work at all. If I remove the Lutron Caseta switch and put the regular light switch back in the receptacle, both LED lights work just fine.

    Anyone experience this and found a way to get past it?

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    Just to close the loop on this for anyone else with this issue, swapping the red/black wires fixed the issue with the Lutron Caseta switch. This is documented in Lutron troubleshooting steps.

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