I installed two PD-5WS-DV switches yesterday. Everything worked great yesterday, however, when attempting to turn on the lights today there was one LED panel in each light bank not working. Each switch controls a set of overhead light panels (one has three panels and the other has two panels). The light switches control a power socket in the ceiling that the LED panels are plugged into. Yesterday all the panels worked fine. Today, on the three panel lights, one of the panels does not turn on at all. On the two panel lights, one panel turns on faintly and flickers. When the switches are off all the lights are off (i.e., no flickering or dimly lit lights). I do not have neutrals in the switch boxes themselves, but do up above in the power socket boxes. Is this a scenario where I would need to install the LUT-MLC or do I have another issue? I understood the LUT-MLC helped in scenarios where the light was having issues turning off completely, not where the switch is in the on position - so I am a little afraid that is not my solution.