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Thread: Three PowPak Dimming Modules Stuck With Lights On

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    Three PowPak Dimming Modules Stuck With Lights On

    I'm an electrician working for a large facility with 4 new buildings using Lutron lighting control throughout. Ever since the weekend before the lights in one large room have been stuck on full bright. There are three RMJS-8T-DV-B-EM Vive PowPak modules spread across two 277 volt lighting circuits and the buttons on all three have no effect.
    Do I suddenly have 3 bad modules or is something else going on here?

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    If it was just one PowPak module not working from its Pico controls and its manual switches not working either, I wouldn't hesitate to replace it, but 3 of them all going bad at the exact same time?
    I've done electrical work for over 50 years, but I have zero experience with this equipment, so I could really use someone's experienced opinion on this problem.
    Thank you, Rand

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    All three modules are quickly flashing two times with about a two second pause between each double flash.

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    Hello Rand. Do you know if there is a Vive hub present in this facility? It is possible that the hub is in emergency mode and is telling the PowPaks to stay at their emergency level (100%). Feel free to email so we can start a case and look into this system in more depth.

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