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Thread: How many LED bulbs on one switch?

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    How many LED bulbs on one switch?

    I want to know how many Satco LED S12433 100W equivalent (13.5W) bulbs I can put on one Lutron LECL-153PH Dimmer switch. I have a chandelier that I want to put three of these bulbs in. The Lutron Switch is rated for LED150W, but I am unclear as to whether these are equivalent watts (100W in my case) or actual watts (13.5 in my case). I have read many conflicting opinions on this. Some people say you should use 10% of the dimmer rating, which would be only 15w. That doesn't seem right as i would only be able to run one 100W equiv bulb. I understand that LED's are a much more complicated topic than incandescent, with inrush currents and so forth. I have scoured many web sites and forums and cannot find a definitive answer. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello, thanks for reaching out. For determining the total wattage of your lighting load, you would use the actual watts (13.5W) for your bulbs. With this, you can safely use 11x 13.5W LED bulbs with your LECL-153PH Lumea LED+ 150W dimmer. For best dimming results, we recommend using LED models from our LED Compatibility Tool, linked here.

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    Thank you so much Kenneth. That makes sense.

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