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Thread: Scene controller not associatd with scenes in app.

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    Scene controller not associatd with scenes in app.

    I have a PJ2-4B-GWH-P01 Pico "scene" controller. At least, it is labeled "Scene control" on the packaging. However, I have not figured a way to assign scenes already defined in the Lutron app to buttons on the Pico. The only way to configure the buttons in the app, it seems, is to add the Pico in the application and then manually program each device to associate it with each button. This is quite annoying. On top of which, if you want to modify a scene, you have to modify it twice in the app, once for the Pico button and once in the scene panel in the app. Am I missing something?

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    Hello RockyD,

    These are the proper steps when configuring a Pico Scene keypad in a Caseta system. Currently, Scenes within the Lutron app are separate from the Scenes on a Pico. However, the ability to copy these Scenes to a Pico remote is valuable feedback. I will be happy to forward this to the proper development team for consideration.

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