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Thread: use all dimmers at all three switch places

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    Question use all dimmers at all three switch places

    I'm reading this thread:

    and I find myself actually in the position of making all places dimmable, instead of just one.

    Is there any Lutron dimmer product that allows me to do that? I didn't see a 4-way Dalia rotary dimmer model so I'm trying to seek help here for more dimmer options.

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    Hello, thanks for reaching out with your question. None of the Lutron analog style dimmers (which physical dials or sliders) will work with dimming at multiple locations. You will instead need to use one of the digital dimming controls that use companion dimmers like the Maestro or Sunnata series. The MACL-153M Maestro LED+ dimmer is the most commonly available CL-type dimmer that can use the MA-R Companion Dimmers at the remaining 3-way and 4-way locations. Linked here is the MACL-153M 4-way wiring diagram. To ensure good compatibility, we recommend looking for a compatible LED for your dimmer at the LED Compatibility Tool linked here as well.

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