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Thread: MACL-LFQH low trim keeps requiring changes

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    MACL-LFQH low trim keeps requiring changes

    4 units thought-out house. Original one 5 yrs has no issues.
    Other 3 all have the same issue installed 3 yrs ago.
    No matter what led is installed, even used the one from the working fan, the low trim setting requires constant adjustment. Sometimes the light won't glow and other times it will be brighter than it should be for the trim setting.

    Originally when the switches were installed, the lowest trim setting was the default. Now I have I created them to the middle for the same amount of brightness. While the original switch is still on the default setting.

    Something is wrong with these switches. I have even replaced one of them and it is occuring with the new one.

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    Hello, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately if a replacement device is having the same issue in the same location, it is not likely to be the dimmer control at fault. The fact that the working bulbs from the other location are having the same issue here seems to point to the fan unit itself. Did the 3 fans that are not functioning properly with the MACL-LFQ come with a proprietary wall-control or a remote control at all? If so, that could be interfering with the MACL-LFQ's control of the fan/light units. Are all 4 of your fans the same manufacturer and model? What is the manufacturer and model of each?

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