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Thread: Minimal wattage needed for LED light??

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    Minimal wattage needed for LED light??

    Where can I find a list of the minimal wattage for various switches? I'm new to the Caseta system (love it so far) and have a LED bulb in an outside post that won't light. I'm using a DVRF-5NS switch. There is a 5W listing on the bulb and I'm guessing that's the issue. Might have to get a different bulb.

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    Hello, thanks for reaching out. There's not a list for all dimmers' and switches' minimum load requirements, but we do have them listed for the Caseta devices in the Caseta Wireless family general spec sheet linked here on pages 4 and 5. For certain LED loads, you may need the LUT-MLC minimum load capacitor (which is often required for the non-neutral Caseta switch, PD-5WS-DV) in parallel with the load (across the switch-leg and neutral) if using a higher wattage LED bulb is not an option.

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    Thanks Kenneth.... That is certainly a help. Living in a house that is 230 years old I always find some strange issues. Wiring has certainly been one of them. I'm replacing my old Insteon system that I really liked, but as they have all but gone out of business, it is hard to find parts.

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