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Thread: Bathroom exhaust fans, what load type do you assign?

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    Bathroom exhaust fans, what load type do you assign?

    Hi all,
    I use RRST-8ANS switches for my bathroom exhaust fans, currently in designer I assign "Fan Switched" load type to them.
    Everything has worked find for a few months, with the exception that these load types are not available to expose to HomeKit or Google Home.
    I changed the type to LED switched, and everything still worked ok, and I can now expose them to Google Home etc.

    Question for all: what are you setting your bathroom exhaust fans load type?

    It seems incorrect to set it to LED switched, but setting as Fan Switched robs me of the integration with popular home automation.

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    Just set it to incandescent switched. No issues doing that especially when you are using an 8ANS.

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