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Thread: RRD-6NA vs RRD-6ND (or 10ND or Pro)

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    RRD-6NA vs RRD-6ND (or 10ND or Pro)

    Ideally, I know we should only use RRD-PRO dimmers especially with LED bulbs and fixtures. But for less used circuits, I would like to save some money by using RRD-6Nx dimmers to control some LEDs (for example outdoor lights).
    Fixtures will either be integrated LED fixtures or regular fixtures with LED bulbs.
    I am confused if a used 6NA is better (or same) as the 6ND. Any recommendation would be really appreciated.

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    The 6NA can do forward or reverse phase dimming, the 6ND is forward phase only. Some LED's require or dim better with reverse phase so 6NA would be better.
    The 6NA was replaced by the PRO

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