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Thread: LED Light Strings

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    LED Light Strings

    I work for a company wanting to use LED light strings across an event venue. We purchased a string of 200 9W dimmable LEDs expecting to segment the bulbs into 400W or less segments......only to discover the practical limit of 250W on a Lutron dimmer. The company wants to control the eventual segments remotely due to stone construction not being amenable to switch boxes.
    So.....I need advice as to how to effectively control six string segments preferably on a single the simplest and least expensive manner possible. Can this work? I keep looking for an integration guide that covers my case to no avail.
    The bulb mfg does list Caseta as being tested successfully for their bulbs.....though Lutron does not list them as compatible (or tested). This is an outdoor setting however all the wiring is under cover.

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    Hello foxch0844 and welcome to the forums!

    We will be happy to provide the most effective solution for these LED string lights. Alongside remote control, were you interested in any form of app control (such as integrating these into a Caseta, Radio RA, or HomeWorks system)? Do you also have the model number of the bulbs that are included in these LED string lights?

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