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Thread: Can Caseta In-wall dimmer pairing with Radio Powr Savr Motion Sensor?

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    any update on the ability to use caseta with a motion detector? seems like a very easy thing to do and don't understand why it wouldn't be available - it is with other wireless lighting systems.

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    Does anyone know where the pairing instructions for a Caseta switch and an occupancy sensor is? Is it as simple as the sensorís instructions? I have a 5-ANS switch Iíd like to pair with a sensor.

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    Lutron, please make a occ sensor for Caseta or allow the Radio Pwr Svr occ sensors to integrate. I work for an electrical distributor in the Philadelphiaregion and get this question more often than any other in the controls side of the business. So many people are starting with Caseta, so why not merge Radio RA2 stuff into it to keep people interested???

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    @stemur1- why not suggest a standard occ sensor in wall? MSOPS2 or the MSCLOP? I use these all the time for occ sensing in Caseta homes- especially before the limit was raised to 75.
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