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Thread: Claro switch - add remote

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    Claro switch - add remote

    I have a Claro switch…on/off for a ceiling fan.
    I want to add a remote to make it a wireless 3way switch.

    Which pico remote will work with the DVRF-5NS-WH-R?

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    Any 2-button on/off Pico remote would work with the Caseta Smart Claro switch, like the PJ2-2B-GWH-L01 Pico remote which is the most common 2-button Pico. However if you are looking for the matching aesthetic to the Smart Claro, you can use the Paddle Pico remote, model PJ2-P2B-GWH. For either option, you would need the Pico wall-box adapter to mount the remote in a switch-box; that part number is PICO-WBX-ADAPT.

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