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Thread: Switch and Sensor seem to not work when cold

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    Switch and Sensor seem to not work when cold

    I'm not sure of the exact model, i will need to look at the device to determine that, it's some version of MS-OPS, just a sensor and switch, no dimmer functionality.

    Most mornings the light will not turn on, neither the sensor nor the push button switch will cause it to come on. I live in california, and it does not reach freezing temps where I live but it can get down in to the 40's or 50's in my garage over night.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Thank you for reaching out. The normal operating temp range is from 32F-104F and recommended for indoor use only. If the temperature has dipped in the space, it could have an effect on functionality.

    Here is a link to a spec sheet for the MS-OPS line of products:

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