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Thread: Change Owner on QSX System

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    Change Owner on QSX System

    How to change owner on a Homework's QSX system?

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    How to change owner on a Homework's QSX system?
    If you mean hand the home over to a new owner, the previous home owner would want to remove themself first within the Lutron App. If this is not possible at this point, the new owner can take a picture of the MAC address proving ownership and e-mail it to and it can be removed on that end. Then the new owner can setup an account and log in.

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    Thanks for the input Aaron. If the owner uses the app to remove themselves as owners, will that also kill our access to the system granted through existing shared access?

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    No, You still can access normally. But if they don't log out from their app, they still can control your systems even when you change the password.
    You should setup a new account and login again. Don't use same account with them.

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    Yeesh, I hope they can fix that before it becomes an issue.

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