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Thread: Issue extracting project from main repeater on old firmware

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    Issue extracting project from main repeater on old firmware


    I just moved into a new apartment which has Lutron controlling the blinds/drapes, I've never used Lutron before so this is all new to me so please forgive any glaring oversights.
    It seems they had some events for open/closing the blinds and I wanted to change the times.
    I connected main repeater to network but it didn't show up so I assumed that it had a static IP set on previous owners network.
    I connected directly from laptop and used wireshark to determine IP and set my laptop ethernet connection to IP on same subnet.
    It actually didn't have a static IP but had set itself an IP of due to DHCP issues.
    I downloaded RadioRA2 software, did the online training and tried to extract the project file from the repeater but after starting the extraction I get an error 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation'.

    The repeater is running firmware 8.0.0

    OS Firmware Revision = 8.0.0 [Oct 31 2014 13:13:24]
    Database Design Rev = 66
    BOOT Firmware Revision = 3.0.16

    I am using RadioRA 2 software version 12.10.0
    I am connected to the internet
    The firewall on laptop is disabled
    I have tried both Essentials and Inclusive but get same error on both.

    From reading online I see that ideally I should be using an older matching version of the software to extract but I cannot find 8.0.0 anywhere.
    I also read that with an internet connection it should be able to be done in current software but maybe this is too many versions gap?

    I did manage to change the event times by setting up a network on an old router with the same subnet of the repeater and then used the legacy home control+ app via my iPhone connected to the same subnet to edit the events. I guess one benefit of the firmware being so old!

    But ideally I would still like to have the project file because I don't really want to have to set the system up from scratch again if anything happens, its not that its extensive but some of the blind control devices are in unreachable places (20+ foot in the air).

    Any ideas on how to get pass that error? Is there any other way to get the file? or at lease get the serial numbers of the devices from the repeater?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey there,
    In order to download the legacy software you are going to want to go here.
    Please make sure you log into the same account that you took and passed your certification tests with. From there you are going to go to the dropdown and select RadioRa2. From here click view then select software. Once all of those things are done you can then access the legacy software versions. This will make the extraction easier.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately when I go into that section (logged in) the earliest version I can see is 11.6 (screenshot below).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lutronsite.jpg 
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    I managed to get the serial numbers via telnet connection so I think at some point I will just upgrade the software of the repeater and create a project from scratch.

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    Hey again,
    Okay so if that is the only one you can see. Send an email into; provide the email you took and passed your certifications, that same screenshot and we can get you squared away to hopefully make things easier.

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