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Thread: Sunnata Keypads - Using an Auxiliary Power Supply

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    Sunnata Keypads - Using an Auxiliary Power Supply

    Lutron App Note 406

    Using an Auxiliary Power Supply to Power Lutron® Clear Connect® RF Keypads

    I did this successfully multiple times - and loved it as it was all low voltage and run on LuKey wiring

    New project is a mix of Ketra and other stuffs

    Palladiom and Sunnata

    Life could be MUCH easier - if I could plan ALL Keypads to be on LuKey - either Palladiom/Alisse/Sunnata

    Any knowledge or input?
    did I miss the App Note?


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    Lutron Application Note #406 (found here: and #719 (found here: both outline/reference how to successfully power RF keypads with auxiliary power supplies when 120V is not present and/or available. For Sunnata keypads, those are neutral-dependent and the neutral wire (as shown in both these app notes) is present at the 3rd-party power supply itself but does not actually extend through to the individual keypads themselves, which is what makes this ineligible for use with Sunnata wall keypads. Any hybrid keypad will always be ineligible for this application as they require 120VAC and will not work with a low voltage power supply.

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