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Thread: Sunnata Pro (RRST-PRO) LED's 1,2,3,4 flashing

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    Sunnata Pro (RRST-PRO) LED's 1,2,3,4 flashing

    I have a 3 way circuit with a a sunnata pro dimmer and a companion dimmer installed, that has been working for a few weeks. Now all of a sudden the companion side looks dead and the main dimmer has LED's 1,23,(and looks like 4 also) flashing. In the documents it says 1,2,3 flashing are improper wiring or incompatible load, but its been working. Does this mean an internal short in the device? tried factory resetting the dimmer but no change. I even hooked up the 120v and neutral to a temp power cable and the same result.

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    Is there just one companion dimmer, and no leftover mechanical switches? Did you ensure that the main RRST-PRO-N dimmer is on the load side of the circuit? What type of load are you controlling?

    If you are confident in the install then my standard troubleshooting approach is to simplify the circuit. You may want to temporarily bypass the companion dimmer and just have the main dimmer controlling the load. It is possible for the RRST-PRO-N to fail but in my experience, the Lutron Radio RA devices have been very reliable; every time I thought there might be a problem with the device it turned out to be an install error.
    Once you get the main dimmer to work then you can add back in the companion. If the problem returns then you will have a better understanding for the troubleshooting.

    I assume that you have the installation instructions: 044385.pdf ( The Lutron support page has some additional resources: Resources & Support | RadioRA 3 by Lutron.

    Good Luck!

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