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Thread: L-BDGPRO2 Cannot connect to your Lutron system

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    L-BDGPRO2 Cannot connect to your Lutron system

    Cannot connect to your Lutron system, there was an issue connecting to your Lutron system.

    This is the message you get when trying to configure a smart bridge pro for the first time on a network with a dream machine unifi router, it appears on the network with an IP address, but on another network it works correctly, what do you suggest I do?

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    Hello hrevete, thank you for your question. We're sorry to hear about the issue you're encountering. When you get the "Cannot connect to your Lutron system" error, is there an option for "Retry" and "Advanced?" If so, click Advanced, and input the IP address you found on your network that has been assigned to the Caseta hub.

    If this does not resolve the issue, and the hub works on another network with a different type of router, we may need to check networking settings on the Unifi router network to see if anything is misaligned with what the Caseta hub needs. See the below article for more information:

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