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Thread: System suddenly stop working

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    System suddenly stop working

    Hello,A few days ago my system stopped working. In diagnostics the repeater couldn't see any devices.

    So I reset the system, reset the devices, deleted the serials/activation and started over. The repeater still can't see devices to activate. So I brought my repeater from home and still have the same issue.

    I'm a bit stumped as I've never seen this before.
    - Anthony - fnaf 2

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    Are there any LEDs on the front of either of the Main Repeaters that you have tried that are solidly illuminated, flashing or showing any type of patterned behavior (i.e. flashing back and forth between RF/test and Wired/Add, etc.) that could point to something on-site throwing the unit into an error state?

    If the unit is in error - and depending on the error - that could prevent proper interaction and communication, not only from your computer to the Main Repeater but also from Main Repeater through to the devices.

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