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Thread: Pentair Pool Pump / PD-5WS-DV-WH

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    Pentair Pool Pump / PD-5WS-DV-WH

    Hello all,

    I've read several posts here in the forum that suggest it's possible to get a pool pump set up with a Caseta switch but I haven't quite figured out how to accomplish this my self. Hoping I can get a pro to give me a little guidance on this.

    My pump is a Pentair Whisperflo 1HP pump | Model: 015583
    My Caseta switch is a PD-WS-DV-WH
    My system currently has a Packard C230C Contactor with one of the coil legs connected to a standard toggle switch which turns the pump on/off.

    I thought this might be pretty straight forward given that I was replacing a dumb switch for a smart switch but unfortunately the Caseta seems to be challenged by the load and won't turn off unless I pull the tab at the bottom. The Caseta just keeps turning off/on until I pull out the tab. I know just enough to get my hands dirty but this is a little bit above my head. Hoping someone might know if my current configuration can be made to work or if I need to purchase alternative hardware.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Hello mssearch,

    We're sorry to hear that the PD-5WS-DV is causing trouble. In the off state, this control will pull about 0.5 Watts of power. This small amount of power might be keeping the Packard C230C from turning over into the OFF position. All of our Caseta controls will have this power draw. However, the PD-15OUT-BL Outdoor Smart Plug pulls the least, at about 6.8 mA.

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    Thanks Brandon,

    This makes a lot of sense. Curious if you or others in this community have an experience with any alternatives to the C230C that are known to work okay with that power draw from the Caseta?

    Really appreciate your response!

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