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Thread: RA2 to RA3 - wrong design / how to fix grouping

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    RA2 to RA3 - wrong design / how to fix grouping

    After the upgrade using the existing RA2 project file, RA3 Designer converted the file and grouped all individual dimmers with a key code group, forming blocks of 4-6 dimmers and pads for all zones/rooms. Thus, dimmers/switches in the bathroom and attic are grouped with the hall key pad, hall lights, etc. I can make a new room, but can't move the dimmer over to it. There are about 60+ dimmers and 10 key pads. How do I pull out the dimmers that shouldn't be in the group and put them where I want them?

    The system was part of an ELAN system. Lutron eventually stopped communicating with it, probably because ELAN sunsetted compatibility (don't go with ELAN). Lutron Repeater stopped working, so upgraded to RA3 processor and performed the conversion. While a newbie, I have programmed the entire ELAN and taken every Lutron "class" they have. But I have never started from scratch.

    I have no issue re-loading the save file from RA2 and starting over.

    Another idea - If I just create a new set up, with Designer find all the dimmers and key pad? And will it keep the programming for the key pads?

    thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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    I'm not sure what happened to your file. In the couple of conversions I have done it translated the control stations and programming with no issues. I'd try converting again and see if the issue persists.
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