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Thread: 2N Doorphone Switch API Commands

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    2N Doorphone Switch API Commands


    I'm trying to send a HTTP command to our 2N doorphone to open the door on a button press of a Lutron Keypad running Designer 15.13.3 on a HQP6-2

    I've tried the following commands:

    POST /api/switch/ctrl?switch=1&action=on HTTP/1.1*Host:**
    POST /api/switch/ctrl?switch=1&action=on HTTP/1.1*

    Under Design, Ethernet Device, I've specified the IP address of the doorphone and Port Number 80 with it's proper username and password which I created in the 2N doorphone interface.

    However non of these commands seem to do anything on the 2N interface, but if I use POSTMAN or simple web page they work, does anyone have any experience with using POST and GET commands for 2N?


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    Never tried to send these from a QS processor, but heres an example of what we send in Crestron when controllign the 2N switches:
    GET /api/switch/ctrl?switch=1&action=on HTTP/1.1\n\n

    Crestron uses a TCP/IP client so you might need to structure a bit different. But also from the 2N API manual they list the following:

    I think you have to check the "legacy switch code" or something like that in the 2N inercom web config pages too.

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